Hautelocks: The Beginning

January 03, 2014

We are so proud to present to you our behind the scenes look at our first ever photo shoot featuring some of the most beautiful women of South Florida. Hautelocks: The Beginning Continue Reading →

Curly Hair Care

December 21, 2013

We get a ton of inquiries about how to maintain curly hair extensions. It does take a little more work that straight or our body wave hair extensions. We wanted to put information here on our blog with some of the best hair care tips for curly hair extensions.   Step one: Soak hair fully and condition it. Step two: Comb through with big tooth comb. Step three : While still slightly damp add the following in this order : Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro Shea Moisture Style Milk Eco Styler Gel (all products can be found at Walmart, Target or Walgreens) Step four : Styling - using a soft bristle brush, brush your curls into the extension so when the curl... Continue Reading →